Celebrating 10 years of GTAN

September 10, 2019 / Source: GTAN

On September 22, 2009, Rob Douglas sent invitations to the launch of the newly formed Golden Triangle Angelnet (GTAN), a local not-for-profit organization established under the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation’s Angel Network Program (ANP). The invitation promised to showcase presentations by exciting investment-ready local companies and GTAN has upheld this promise for a decade – this month we celebrate ten years of GTAN.

To kick off our tenth season, GTAN will host a special Investor Meeting at Roseville Estates. Rob Douglas will reflect on a decade of Angel Investment and Scott Higgins of HIP Developments will speak about the Creative Capital of Canada movement and the importance of empowering startups in our region.

Since our inception, GTAN has held over 100 meetings, showcased over 350 startups, and reviewed over 900 companies. The outcome of this activity is over 80 companies funded and over 1,500 jobs, with angel investors committing more than $35 million in capital. In combination with other sources of financing, GTAN’s impact has resulted in over $85 million of capital infusion into our local, early-stage companies. GTAN has also seen 4 successful exits from Alert Labs, Bonfire, HTBASE and Unata. This impressive track record has positioned GTAN as one of the top Angel groups in Canada. 

GTAN’s success continues to reach new heights as we move into our second decade. In 2019, GTAN joined forces with Angel One Investor Network and Southwestern Ontario Angels. Canadian Angel investor juggernaut Jess Joss was appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the umbrella angel investor group. The partnering of GTAN, Angel One Investor Network, and SWO Angels will allow entrepreneurs to gain access to a widened scope of industry experts and capital, reducing the funding timeline with a positive impact on the investment process and negotiating power. 

As Rob promised in his first invitation, this year GTAN plans to focus its goal of enhancing Angel Investments in the community and maximize the market for startups pushing the envelope in their industries. GTAN Angels continue to look forward to accelerating companies’ growth into industry leaders by bringing together investment, experience and knowledge. For more information on joining an Angel Group and becoming a GTAN member, click here.

We are thrilled to see what the next decade brings our Angels and Entrepreneurs!