Employee-focused tech helps to put Golf Town back in the swing of things

July 10, 2018 / Source: The Globe and Mail

The series: We look at decision makers among Canada’s mid-sized companies who took successful action in a competitive global digital economy.

After filing for bankruptcy in 2016, Golf Town was faced with some big decisions.

With virtually no inventory, a poor selection of products and tired-looking stores, the company was purchased by Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. and began to turn things around.

While it downsized the number of store locations to 47 from 55, one of the key changes it made was to improve the customer experience. Golf Town chose to focus on front-line employees and give them a digital advantage.

“When you think of retail and you think of having 47 stores across various provinces, those messages get lost,” says Susan Gilpin, Golf Town’s director of human resources. “At the store level, we really weren’t engaging our employees or communicating with them well.”

The company signed on with Nudge Rewards, a Toronto-based startup that allows employers to communicate directly with front-line retail employees via their smartphones.

Nudge’s smartphone app technology permits a brand to present a consistent message through a single point of contact, to deliver training materials, and to reward employees for hitting goals.

In addition, by building up a Facebook-like community of workers, the app allows for constant interaction and gives employees the feeling of being part of one big team, no matter their geographical location.

Previous to the adoption of Nudge’s technology in spring of 2017, Ms. Gilpin says head office was finding that corporate messaging stopped at the general manager level at each store, and often information that was sent out in e-mails wasn’t being delivered in a consistent manner.

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