February 18, 2020 / Source: GTAN

On February 18th, GTAN members, entrepreneurs and special guests, including students and professors from the University of Waterloo’s School of Accounting and Finance and The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, gathered at Bingemans for the February Investor Meeting.

Attendees heard pitches from three early-stage companies: Map Your Property, Spindle Biotech and Neuvote.

The first pitch of the evening came from Map Your Property. Map Your Property is an online interactive tool that provides key development and planning information for any real estate development, identifying key risks and opportunities with the potential to save clients millions of dollars. By collecting newly digitized city data, they are able to constantly improve their platform, giving them a competitive edge. Looking forward, Map Your Property looks to forecast the hottest neighbourhoods and their lease and sale prices. There are currently no competing solutions.

The second pitch of the evening came from Spindle Biotech. Spindle Biotech is expediting the process of RNA experimentation by enabling speeds of production by providing a synthetic RNA synthesis platform. Their exciting technology makes gene editing accessible in the same way as gene sequencing. Spindle Biotech is disrupting the industry by providing this technology more quickly and cheaply than their competitors, increasing their impact on the healthcare industry and its patients.

The final pitch of the evening came from Neuvote. Neuvote is creating the civil social network by pioneering the most secure and comprehensive mobile voting application available today. With digital-to-paper mobile voting technology, voters are connected remotely to the paper ballot. Neuvote is poised to increase voter participation and enhance voter access while maintaining traditional voting security features. Canada is the largest market for online voting in the world and this technology aims to solve the problem of low voter turnout, as well as the three main problems with online voting: data security, voter identifications, and verifiability and auditability of an election. This is an open market with no clear market leader.

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