February 19, 2019 / Source: GTAN

On Tuesday, February 19th, GTAN members, entrepreneurs and special guests, including students and professors from The Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business and The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, gathered at Bingemans for the February Investor Meeting.

Attendees heard pitches from three early-stage companies: Stellar Biome, Micrometrics and Backyard Media.

The first pitch of the evening came from Natalya Yudina, President & CEO of Stellar Biome. Stellar Biome develops and commercializes breakthrough microbiome modulating probiotic products and therapies for novel untapped applications. Stellar Biome’s all natural probiotic therapies have been clinically shown to repair tooth enamel and reduce risks of tooth decay, gingivitis, and ear, nose and throat problems.

For the second pitch of the night, attendees heard from Artem Abramov, Founder of MicroMetrics. MicroMetrics works with the world’s leading hotel brands and online travel agencies to provide Helix, a suite of customer service solutions. Helix by MicroMetrics utilizes readily available hotel infrastructures and unique data sets to improve operations, occupancy and guest satisfaction.

Today, Helix empowers 5,000+ associates across 300+ hotels globally to go beyond guest expectations and deliver exceptional service.

The final pitch of the evening came from Steve Hulford, CEO of Backyard Media. Backyard Media is a tech-powered media company producing and distributing web video series at scale under the Underknown brand. Backyard Media pitched to GTAN in April 2018 and was successful in raising financing from our group.

Backyard Media paves the way for the future of media by combining the agility and efficiency of a scalable content company with a transactional business model and a slick production workflow.

Save the date! Our next investment meeting will be held at Bingemans on March 19, 2019. Interested in becoming a GTAN Angel? We’re always looking for new members. Contact us to learn more!