Mobile Forum App Tapatalk To Integrate Kik’s Kin Cryptocurrency

November 28, 2018 / Source: Block Tribune

Mobile forum app Tapatalk is integrating Kik messenger’s Kin token to increase engagement in online communities.

Tapatalk is an application that allow access to Internet forums on mobile devices. It is primarily designed to provide improved forum access for mobile platforms over access provided by the forum software itself. The app is currently used by over 200,000 forums in 186 countries. Tapatalk claims that these forums have an aggregate registered user base of 300 million people – in the range of Twitter and Reddit.

Kin cryptocurrency is designed to enable users to earn Kin through platform engagement and then spend it on related services. Kin operates on its own blockchain, which it forked off the Stellar mainnet earlier this year.

By partnering with Kin, Tapatalk will enable its users to use cryptocurrency in forums supported by Tapatalk. The Kin integration will allow users to receive Kin for posting quality content in the app, and send Kin to other creators on the platform. Tapatalk belives that the partnership will allow its large user base to discover even more forums via the Tapatalk mobile platform.

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