From a Bot to the Big Leagues:’s Enterprise Evolution

February 25, 2019 / Source: TechVibes

With the recent boom of AI companies popping up around Canada and abroad, a large portion of those startups will soon have to find new ways to expand their product offerings in order to scale and transition to enterprise organizations.

That kind of growth is easier said than done. Relying on a single machine learning integration or AI platform can only get a company so far, so the next option is to find new and partners and methods of delivery. That has been‘s game plan, especially since raising a $3.1 million extension to their seed round 10 months ago.

The Toronto-based AI startup released two new product updates last week: one is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook, and the other an extension for Google Chrome. As a chatbot company with integrations already functional inside applications like Slack and Teams, this might not seem like huge news for, but it’s an indicator of where this young company is heading.

“I think this is huge,” says Roy Pereira, founder and CEO of “It’s the first time this company has expanded what our user interface is. It has been chat all along, but this is different. I know it’s the same backend, same functionality, same product, but it really expands what Zoom is.”

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