Pilot project improves traffic flow on Huron Church Road

October 25, 2019 / Source: Windsor Star

Each time a trucker pumps the brakes during one of those traffic jams on Huron Church Road economic productivity is slowed along with the vehicle.

“It costs the transportation industry a dollar every time the driver brakes,” said Erin Skimson, Miovision’s vice-president of product management and corporate programs.

“It’s a major challenge for cities moving people and goods around and it’s growing.”

Those $1 brake taps add up quickly, let alone the drag on time and patience for anyone caught in the snarl of traffic.

To try and improve traffic flow along the busiest trade corridor on the Canada-U.S border, the city of Windsor engaged Miovision in a pilot project beginning last July.

The company installed visual and sensory equipment at three intersections between E.C. Row and the bridge.

“There’s been an improvement of 20 per cent in traffic flow in the first five months,” Skimson said. “That’s down to finding the infrastructure (traffic signals) wasn’t synchronized at its optimum.”

Skimson said Miovision has found similar problems with other city’s traffic infrastructure about 30 per cent of  the time.

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