May GTAN|RAW Recap

May 8, 2018 / Source: GTAN

This month, attendees gathered at Innovation Guelph for GTAN|RAW. Guests participated in an education session on “How to Get and Leverage Intellectual Property to Turn Ideas into Money” led by Jason Hynes and Jim Hinton of Bereskin & Parr. Hynes spoke about the processes associated with creating patents:

“Developing a patent is like playing a game of battleship,” he said. “Monitoring and understanding your competitors’ patents can be valuable. Keep your ship moving to avoid getting blown up.”

Hynes and Hinton provided valuable advice throughout their interactive session which also allowed audience members to ask questions and actively participate. 

GTAN|RAW followed at 5pm where attendees had the opportunity to hear from the leaders of eight early-stage companies. GTAN|RAW is designed to provide early-stage founders and CEOs who are considering raising funds from Angels an opportunity to pitch for feedback and business advice. While these companies may not be ready for funding just yet, they are enthusiastic about sharing their innovative business ideas with experts and potential Angel Investors. Members of GTAN occupy a panel of judges, where they provide constructive notes, valuable information and mentorship. The event also allots time for entrepreneurs to network and get additional feedback on their pitches from other members of GTAN.

In May, GTAN members, as well as guests, had the pleasure of hearing from the following companies:

Kenna Whitnell, Soleluna Cosmetics

Catherine Lin, DLBS

Blur Wu and Abby Yu, LiveCity

William Tan, TaaCam VR

David Payne, InventDev

Drew McIver and Mitch Youriw, Can-Dairy

Christopher Bisson, Value Connect

Anna Walkowska, Propergate

Think GTAN|RAW is the perfect place to pitch your idea? Would you like to attend as an audience member? Contact The next GTAN | RAW event will take place on Tuesday, June 5th at 5pm at Communitech in Kitchener. Learn more about us on our website.