Miovision CEO sees great value in Sidewalk Labs data

November 3, 2018 / Source: The Record

Kurtis McBride believes there is untold wealth from companies not yet founded waiting under a litter-strewn patch of industrial wasteland along the Toronto waterfront.

The co-founder of Kitchener smart city technology company Miovision and the Catalyst137 Internet of Things hub wants Canadian tech firms to share in the economic benefits if a Google company builds a high-tech neighbourhood there.

New York City-based Sidewalk Labs has big plans for the east end of the Toronto waterfront, but so far there is no agreement in place for collecting and sharing the data produced by its future residents. How the data will be used and shared has been the subject of great debate.

The absence of a data agreement concerns McBride, who was appointed to the digital advisory panel announced six months ago to help Waterfront Toronto negotiate an agreement with Sidewalk Labs.

“I have been part of all the discussions,” said McBride. “Maybe I have been too Canadian in my approach. Maybe there is a more direct approach that has to be taken, to kind of drive home the point that this is important, and we can’t get it wrong.”

There will be thousands of sensors in the Toronto neighbourhood, generating data about how residents live, work and play on the streets and in the buildings of the 12-acre site. Sidewalk Labs says it wants to design the new community “from the internet up.”

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