October Investor Meeting Recap

October 16, 2018 / Source: GTAN

GTAN’s second Investee meeting of the season took place on October 16, 2018 at Bingemans.

Attendees listened to pitches from a variety of companies including Tripsi Inc, Sensor Medical Laboratories Limited, Value Connect and Brain FX.

John Galbraith, VP of Tripsi Inc, was the first pitch of the night. Tripsi Inc. eases the trip planning process for School Boards and Teachers. Through their carefully designed features, Tripsi Inc. streamlines the end-to-end process of procuring, planning, promoting and collecting funds.

The second pitch was delivered by Robert Brooks, founder and CEO of Sensor Medical Laboratories Ltd. The company has developed a digital sense of touch that is minimally invasive in robotic surgery, robotics, automotive and aerospace. Using ForceFilm, a force sensing film technology, surgical and robotic instruments are given the equivalent of a surgeon’s sense of touch without modifying the instrument.

Next was Christopher Bisson, founder of Value Connect. Using their cloud-based appraisal management technology, Value Connect allows lenders to easily manage their approved appraiser list. By eliminating unpredictability and inefficiency, lenders are able to easily navigate past these roadblocks to ensure customer satisfaction.

CEO of BrainFx, Tracy Milner, delivered the last pitch of the night. BrainFx provides unique digital neurofunctional assessments for detecting mild/early dysfunction such as brain disorders, mental illnesses and chronic/neurodegenerative diseases. Using data from their Living Brain Bank, patient performance is compared and monitored over time to ensure accurate results.

Save the date! Our next investment meeting will be held at Bingemans on November 20, 2018. Interested in becoming a GTAN Angel? We’re always looking for new members. Contact us to learn more!