September 17, 2019 / Source: GTAN

On Tuesday, September 17th, GTAN members, entrepreneurs and special guests, including students and professors from the University of Waterloo’s School of Accounting and Finance and The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, gathered at Roseville Estates for the first Investor Meeting of the season and to celebrate GTAN’s tenth anniversary.

In honour of GTAN’s anniversary, attendees heard speeches from Rob Douglas, reflecting on a decade of Angel Investment, and Scott Higgins, President of HIP Developments, speaking about the Creative Capital of Canada movement. Later in the evening, attendees heard pitches from three early-stage companies: Vena Medical, VeloGuide and TECTA-PDS.

The first pitch of the evening came from TECTA-PDS. TECTA-PDS sells the world’s only rapid, automated & approved water pathogen testing system which lowers costs, improves water quality and protects human health.

The TECTA product range includes two instruments and a range of tests that covers the primary microbiological parameters for the full water cycle. In addition, TECTA-PDS also provides service and technical support.

The second pitch of the evening came from Vena Medical. Vena Medical has created a novel imaging system for stroke treatment. Vena Medical’s Vena MicroAngioscope and Distal Access Balloon Catheter features the world’s smallest camera and uses a saline flush to provide physicians with a real-time, full color view from the perspective of their tools.

The final pitch of the evening came from VeloGuide. VeloGuide is an online and mobile app that seamlessly connects traveling cyclists with a bike and a guide almost anywhere in the world. The app contains an inventory management component that allows VeloGuides, bike shops and tour companies to manage their business and connect with VeloGuide guests who wish to book their services on VeloGuide.

Save the date! Our next investment meeting will be held October 15, 2019. Interested in becoming a GTAN Angel? We’re always looking for new members. Contact us to learn more!