September Investor Meeting Recap

September 18, 2018 / Source: GTAN

On Tuesday, September 18th, GTAN members, entrepreneurs and special guests, including students and professors from The Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, gathered for the first Investor Meeting of GTAN’s tenth season. Since their inception in 2009, GTAN has invested in nearly 80 early-stage companies.

The first pitch was delivered by Lee Taal, CEO of Chatter High Communications Inc. Chatter High is a web platform that allows higher education, government and employers to provide vetted content into a learning resource used in classrooms. They are redefining engagement between high school students and institutions through gamification and analytics, making it enjoyable for students to explore useful resources and helping them make meaningful decisions for their futures.

Nick Kuryluk, CEO of ColdBlock Technologies Inc., was the second pitch. ColdBlock’s sample digestion method dissolves solid matter into a solution for multi-element analysis. This technology applies to several industries such as mining, environmental, metal & alloys, agriculture & food, and pharmaceuticals. Versatile, reliable and precise, their technology is the only sample digestion technology to use focused short-wave infrared radiation and a cooling zone. ColdBlock seeks to reduce preparation time, achieve higher productivity and establish high occupational safety.

Save the date! Our next investment meeting will be held at Bingemans on Tuesday, October 16. Interested in becoming a GTAN Angel? We’re always looking for new members. Contact us to learn more!