The Alliance

November 27, 2018 / Source: GTAN

In June 2018, Golden Triangle Angel Network (GTAN) joined forces with Angel One Investor Network and Southwestern Ontario Angels to form the Alliance. The collaboration between the three networks has increased efficiencies for company selection, due diligence, deal leading and ongoing company support and success.

Since joining with Angel One and Southwestern Ontario Angels, GTAN entrepreneurs have gained access to even more industry experts and capital which will reduce the funding timeline and increase success.

In 2018, Golden Triangle Angel Network, Angel One Investor Network and Southwestern Ontario Angels all expanded their existing, impressive lists of accolades: GTAN launched 2 new programs this year: GTAN | RAW and GTAN | WIT (Women Invest Today); Angel One welcomed nine new members as well as two female board members and achieved an impressive milestone of 100 investments; Southwestern Ontario Angels welcomed their new CEO and elevated their engagement as a result.

Todd Bissett, Chair of the GTAN Board, says The Alliance is a key focus in GTAN’s future. “I want to see The Alliance progress deep in other relationships and communities. For myself, the biggest priority is the transition. There is going to be new leadership for the alliance as well as GTAN. The broader concept is focusing on the Alliance itself.”

In the new year, the GTAN Board plans to focus on how the Alliance can aid GTAN in meeting their goal of enhancing Angel Investments in the community and maximize the market for startups. “GTAN is at an inflection point and so is the market,” Bissett continues. “There is more money coming into this market, there are more companies seeking money in this market and that creates pluses and minuses; and advantages and disadvantages for everyone in different sources. We need to find our place in it and how we can add the most value.” 

Combined, the Alliance between GTAN, Angel One and Southwestern Ontario Angels represents over 200 investors. When startup founders apply for consideration, the successful companies pitch to all three Angel groups in the Alliance in the same week. By presenting to all three networks, companies have a higher likelihood of filling larger raises more expeditiously, by combining the Alliance’s available capital, sector expertise, and investors.

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