January 10, 2020 / Source: GTAN

GTAN has seen dozens of incredible early-stage companies pitch at both GTAN|RAW and our Monthly Investor Meetings over the past decade! As we enter a new and exciting year, our Angels can expect more great ideas to come to the table. 

Before 2019 came to a close, we spoke to our Angels about what changes they are anticipating in the new year. From trends that impact our network to those affecting the type of companies we see pitch, 2020 will be full of exciting developments. 


Continued diversity is anticipated to trend in Angel investing. In the new year, our growing team of Angels hopes to see more immigrant and female founders added to our portfolio. GTAN has many  female members and would like to see that translate into investments in female-led startups. By diversifying our own team and portfolio, we have the opportunity to help shift the global mindset of the industry.

Advanced Research 

It’s no secret that the universities in our ecosystem continue to make great strides in the tech space. Many GTAN Angels agree that these strong universities will continue to make big breakthroughs with their research and development of AI, machine learning, deep tech and blockchain technologies. If applied effectively, this research could be at the forefront of global tech trends. Startups that find ways to incorporate this advanced research in their business and services will succeed in 2020!

Longer Runways

There is currently an eighteen month runway and our Angels have noticed trends from top American firms suggest runways should be increased to 30+ months. 

Angel Exits

In the United States, another emerging trend is the rise of institutional dollars being given to Venture Capital firms. This allows the firms to expand and grow by helping Angels exit from a deal and return into the investing field. This trend will help both investors and startups alike and it will be fascinating to see this trend grow and hopefully expand into other markets so our Canadian Angels can also benefit. 


The most common anticipated trend amongst GTAN Angels is the continued collaboration of Angel groups in an effort to grow ecosystems. Rob Douglas predicts more Angels will collaborate and syndicate to do deals as GTAN has with Equation Angels. 

Do you have a fresh, new idea and are looking for investors in the new year? The next GTAN|RAW event is on Tuesday February 4, 2020. Learn more about pitching at GTAN|RAW here.